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Case - Late effects due to breast cancer

A better life for women affected by late effects of breast cancer treatment

“The treatment of breast cancer is now so successful that we face an increasing problem with many cancer survivors affected by late effects. It is not...

Case - aEye

Artificial Intelligence will help vision impaired Danes

Can artificial intelligence help prevent blindness? Yes. The purpose of the “aEye-algorithm” is to help prevent blindness. The number of patients dia...

Case - +prioakut

How can Artificial Intelligence help prioritize particularly vulnerable patients?

Imagine having the optimal triage the first time you call with the need for help. Imagine having the possibility as a clinician to act proactively and...

Case - Sundhedsdatastyrelsen

Intelligent brug af data skal give en bedre behandling på landets sygehuse

Sundhedsdatastyrelsen blev etableret den 1. november 2015 som en del af Sundheds- og Ældreministeriets koncern. Sundhedsdatastyrelsen arbejder for at ...